You are here because you know how difficult it is to find the right resources for Futuretech. For a specialty field like this, the recruitment strategies of the past do not address today’s staffing challenges. Demand for positions in these niche technologies far exceeds supply as the talent pool continues to shrink in relation to the speed at which these technologies are being adopted. We understand the competition to find skilled staff and how much of a drain it is on your organization’s resources. This is where our talent team can help. We specialize in niche technology staffing, and this helps ensure that we never lose our focus by pursuing other staffing streams.

But technology staffing is challenging, today’s applicants have different expectations than applicants of just a few years ago.  But our team has stepped up to the challenge. It has filled the void for many companies by being the preferred first tier partner in the placement of permanent and contract technology staff. Across the full Futuretech spectrum, at all levels of recruitment, our standards of quality and professionalism remain constant.

We believe in creating individual solutions tailored to meet exact needs, based on a close, first-hand understanding of our clients and their requirements.

Our Team

Our specialist recruiters are experienced at supplying individuals and entire teams to work on short term projects or in full time positions. Our recruiters themselves have a technology background and are able to bring an in-depth knowledge to the complete range of issues within each Futuretech discipline.

Our team combines an optimum blend of both on-line recruitment and traditional agency methods, maintaining the right balance between technology and people throughout the hiring process. By adopting a highly supportive and consultative approach we aim to make on-line recruitment advertising decisions easier for business users.

Our Process

Below is an outline of our process to identify the best candidates for you.

  • Resume Review: Resume is evaluated for skills, employment tenure, salary, job location requirement, and desired employment.
  • Phone Screen: our Staffing Specialist conduct an in depth phone screen to identify potential candidates.
  • Technical Test: prospective candidates are grilled on every conceivable aspect of their experience and skills. Special attention is given to their suitability based on the projects they have worked on in the past.
  • Face to Face Interview: after passing the phone screen and resume review we require our candidates to come to our office for a through behavioral interview with a Staffing Specialist. Additional skills testing are conducted for some positions.
  • Reference Check: Previous employment verification is conducted on our candidates prior to placing on site with our Client.
  • Presentation of pre-screened candidates to client companies.
  • Working with client companies in the final selection process.

Benefits of working with Futurekorp

  • Full-service recruiting capability through our specialist technical recruiters.
  • Recruiting services for all temporary and direct personnel
  • Management of all subcontracted vendors
  • Consolidated invoicing of all subcontracted vendors
  • Proven screening and recruitment process using time tested best practices to include technical interviews, behavioral interviews, hard and soft skills assessments
  • Customized testing and screening programs for basic and advanced skills.
  • Coordinating the selection and management of affiliate vendors to ensure compliance with service level agreements
  • Fully confidential
  • Special attention to each client company and industry leading account management and relationship development.