Futurekorp delivers high quality consulting services in niche futuristic technologies. We don’t attempt to be ‘everything to everybody’. We are proud of our ability to help clients with both strategy and implementation. What many implementation-oriented firms called strategic consulting really amounted to gathering system requirements or reengineering particular business processes. On the other hand, what a strategically oriented firm like us called implementation is often the ability to look at a problem and recommend a solution.

Our clients come to us with a variety of challenges including but not limited to:

  • Competitive pressure to adopt futuristic technologies
  • Challenges imposed by evolving Industry landscape
  • Change required to the enterprise architecture/infrastructure
  • Technology driven cost savings

We bring a degree of objectivity to a situation which may at times be politically impossible within the corporation. We offer a great deal of expertise gained through years of solving similar business challenges. In addition, we can often get information from customers and other external contacts that would not be available directly to our clients.

Our Process

Our consulting process is essentially team-based problem solving. The first step is to research the situation faced by the client in order to uncover the real problem. An associate conducts industry research, internal data collection, client and customer interviewing, and competitive analysis. This data is analyzed and the problem is defined; delineating between symptoms and underlying problems is a key task at this stage. We start with the scope, goals, mission and vision. We then take the client through a thought period that includes:

  • Identify individual components of the solution
  • Conceptualize ‘the whole’
  • Anticipate the future

Next, possible solutions to the problem are analyzed in light of the capabilities of the company. The recommendations are then presented to senior management. We think through everything by doing ‘walk through’ of scenarios with our clients. Increasingly, our clients are retaining us to assist in implementing their recommendations. If the client requires this is where our software development arm comes into the picture and works with our consultants to build out the end solution using prototyping.

Our Differentiators

Our team differentiates itself by making the following qualities integral to its approach to problem solving:

  • Critical and quick thinking
  • Quantitative skills: analysis and synthesis of data
  • Communication skills: interviewing, writing, and presenting
  • Adapt to ambiguity
  • Strong technical background